TASK 1 : Name three lighting sources and their functions.

KEY LIGHT: This is the main light used on your subject. This is the most important light in the studio setup. The key lights purpose is to highlight the form and dimensions of your subject.

FILL LIGHT: Is a supplementary light. The purpose of this light is to fill in the shadows that are created by the key light. Fill light reduces the depth of shadows and softens the appearance of the subject.

SEPARATOIN LIGHT: Is used to emphasize the subject as an entity separate from the background in an image. The separation light outlines a subject’s shape and prevents edge details from being lost in highlights or shadows.

TASK 2 : Name two light modifiers and explain the difference between them.

Umbrellas and soft boxes.

An umbrella creates a quality of light that is soft and abundant.

They are mounted in such a way that the strobe light is actually facing away from the subject or model. Light flies from the strobe head hitting the inside of the umbrella and then bounces back towards the subject.

Soft boxes diffuses the light into a soft and pleasing light. It reduces harsh shadows. The closer the soft box is to the subject the more soft the more soft the light appears.

TASK 3: Draw a diagram of and describe the three-point lighting setup.


TASK 1: Draw three studio setups for the following subject matters and list all the equipment that you would use to light your subjects:-Portrait-Fashion-Beauty

Portrait setup; 3 lights. 2 of them soft boxes as fill and backlight. Seamless background.

Fashion setup: 4 lights. 2 of them soft boxes. Seamless background.

Beauty setup: 3 lights. 2 of them soft boxes. Seamless background. Beauty dish as key light.

TASK 2: In a magazine or on the Internet, find one fashion shot, a beauty shot and a portrait shot and explain how you think the lighting was set up in each shot.

Beauty: Here I think the key light is placed straight in front of the model. There is two lights standing in line with the model lightning up the background. White background.
Fashion: Here I think the key and fill light is placed in the left side and a soft box in front and at the right side.
Portrait: Here I think they use a key light in front of the model. A fill light from the side. One light on each side pointing at the background.


TASK: Take some portrait shots and pay specific attention to the lighting you use. I would like to see a shot with soft lighting and one with more dramatic, harder lighting.



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