L A – Put Thought Into Your Design


This weeks assignment was to design a 5 page website or blog to promote your hometown or any other place you like to share. The design should be presented along with a strategy that explains the decisions you’ve made during the design process.

Visit Tromsø:

I have chosen to promote Tromsø. This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so therefore it was extra fun to research and create a website about this city.

Since Tromsø has spectacular scenery I have chosen to keep it in focus. If the assignment was to create more than 5 pages I would have included a page about city life and dining experiences.

Many people travel to Tromsø to see the northern lights. This is one of northern Norway’s most amazing attraction. I have therefore chosen to include a whole page for this. To show off their beautiful scenery I have choosed to built the website with large photos and a slim font that does`nt take the focus away from the pictures. This amazing attractions can’t be shown with only text without loosing a big part of the vision and feeling.

The website has a navigation bar at the front page, and some navigation words/shortlinks. So it is easy for people to navigate and to find whatever they search for.

All the pictures are links to the pictures topics. And the text should be highlighted when you mouse over it. More text will show when you choose to press on the photo.

The layout is timeless and simple. And it appeals to both jung and adult travellers. The main target is people from the middle ages from countries all over the world.

I wanted to create a webpage that increase tourism in Tromsø. A page that people remember because of the beatiuful pictures.

Every page has two short links on the top to make navigation more easy.


Pictures are downloaded from http://www.unsplash.com (free stock photos)

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