L A – Design Different Looks


Copy the exact content from a homepage of a website of your choice. Now redesign this homepage in three different ways. Each design should evoke a different emotional response from viewers. You can choose what you would like these emotional responses to be.

In this assignment I have chosen to use my own wordpress blog. I’m not happy with the look or the features of the site. So here I have redesigned the front page of the blog in 3 different examples.

This is how the blog looks like now.

  • Here I have tried to get a simple and neat front page. With a modern and more trendy expression.
  • In this example, I want to bring out emotions through photos. This front page will appeal to others who love to take pictures.

In the last example I have also used photo. Since it is my blog I think it should represent something I love. This variant has a more personal touch.

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