LA – Symmetry/asymmetry


In this assignment, you will be given the opportunity to also test your idea sketching skills. It is important to start working with basic ideas on paper and develop your concept from there on out.

  1. On an A4 landscape page, draw four equal squares. Create 4 more pages in this way. So, you’ll have 5 pages with four squares on each.
  2. Draw one or two squares or rectangles in each empty square to achieve the following visual effects (refer to your textbook, p.41 as guidance). You can work with the interaction of rectangles and squares to make the balance or imbalance more evident.
    • Entering left
    • Movement to the right
    • Movement to the left
    • Movement downwards
    • Movement upwards
    • Balance
    • Tension
    • Symmetry/asymmetryProduce at least two different versions of each effect, recording your results each time. Explain in one or two sentences what you wanted to achieve (as shown in your manual).
  3. Submit your drawings and findings at WordPress.
Movement downwards: The placement of the blocks makes movement downwards.

Movement Upwards: The placement of the blocks makes movement upwards.
Tension: Blocks that collide in each other creates tension.
Different shapes that are placed without any concern to each other causes tension.
When the blocks are placed as far from each other as possible it causes tension.
Movement to the left: By placing the blocks to the left in the picture the blocks make movement to the left.

Movement to the right: By placing the blocks in the right side of the picture the blocks make movement to the left.
Entering left: By placing big to smaler blocks from left to right you get the illusjon that they enter from the left.

Balance: The block located in the middle of the big square. Since they have equal space around on each side creates balance.
Symmetry: The rectangles are placed completely symmetrically and mirror each other. And the two sides that are reflected creates symmetry. If you fold the sheet in half, the pages will mirror each other in both illusions.

Asymmetry: When the sides do not reflect each other it creates Asymmerty. If you fold the sheet the rectangles will not mirror each other.

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