L A – The Anatomy of Type


For this assignment, you need to explain the anatomy of type in a visual way. Use a single typeface or compare up to three different typefaces – enlarge or reduce, cut out sections or overlap parts – anything that helps explain the terms to the viewer. Use a maximum of three colours to full effect by using the second and third colours sparingly, and only to add emphasis. For instance, explanatory text could be in one colour, and the parts of the letterforms in the others. Show at least three terms on each of the sheets, for example x-height, cap height, body size, counter, serif, ascender, bowl, baseline, stress/axis, stroke weight and bracketed serif.

The explanatory copy can be taken from the textbook (pp. 66-68). The format should be a 210 x 210 mm square. 

There are three stages to the design as well as a production stage, when you will produce your designs on the computer. The point of having different design stages is so that you will fully explore ideas before going to the computer to produce them.

When you hand this assignment in, please include copies of the different stages, so we can follow your thinking process.

The anatomy of type

This was not an easy task. I spent a long time trying to understand. After many hours with tutorials, reading and googling I made this to explain the anatomy of type in a visual way:


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