L A – Creating a CD cover


1.Design a CD cover for a fictitious band called “The Typos”.

You may determine the title of the CD as well as any one of the following genres for the band:  Indie Rock, Electronic or Hip-Hop.

2.Use a visual and typography to design the CD Cover and remember to make the type work with the rest of the design.

The cover should have a front and back and be 120 mm x 120 mm in size.

3.Expand your design onto a booklet of 8 pages – where the song lyrics are laid out. You may use fictitious type for the lyrics. What is important, is that the type you choose for your titles, body copy and accent copy should form part of the rest of the design (on the cover as well) and express the underlying character of the band.

The Typos ( Indie Rock )

I started the task with drawing my own suggestions for fonts.

In the end I chose to go for a font I downloaded through Ai, since i did`nt get the result that i wanted through my sketches. The Typos is in my mission an Indie rock band.

I have designed the cd cover and the lyrics pages in Adobe Illustrator and I have used 3 different fonts.

Font 1: Rock it

Font 2: Chalkduster

Font 3: Comic sans MS2

I have emphasized that the design should be simple, easy to recognize and characterize the band. You should also be able to see what kind of music genre this is even if you haven’t heard of the band before.

The final design:

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