Look at the following 7-eleven logos and consider their shape, form and simplicity of design. The way they communicate and are recognizable.

Both logos are simple, clean and easy to recognize. The color scheme makes them easy to see from a distance and fits very well to each other. The first thing you see on both is the number 7, because of the red and orange color. The green color harmonizes well as the background color and in the word ELEVEn. The logos basically say nothing about what kind of store this is or what they sell. But the first thing I think when I see it is their opening hours.

Identify. In your own words explain what you consider 7-Eleven’s individual Gestalt principle to be. Describe the logo and put it into its own category. 

In these logos I see more than one of the Gestalt principles. The first principle I see is closure. The number seven is not completely put together. It differs in the transition from orange to red in both logos. The number seven also splits in the middle where the word eleven enters.

The other principle I see is continuation.
The eyes are dragged through the image along the curved part of the seventh and leads us to see the word eleven in both of the logos.

I think the logo is combination mark. It is a combination of wordmark and a symbol.

Pick any 3 gestalt principles and recreate 3 versions of the 7-Eleven logo according to your chosen principle. Be creative and innovative with how you do it. Sketch, plan, do it by hand before digitally creating your favourite in a vector format. You entire process including sketches and research need to be loaded on your blog as part of this learning activity.

These are my sketches. I chose to use Figure / Ground, Closure and Continuation. Have colored one sketch to get a better picture of how I can make it in illustrator and how it will look.

The final design – Gestalt principle continuation.

In this task I spent a short time on the sketches and a long time in illustrator. Have a lot to learn about this program. I had a lot of fun in designing and trying out different color combinations. After much back and forth I chose this version:


Logo design workbook

Lynda – illustrator how to movies

Adobe Hands – on tutorials

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