L A – sketching techniques

Question 1

You are briefed to do an illustration for fruit juice packaging (orange and banana flavour). The name of the product is: Loose Juice.

Draw at least 15 scamps (they can be A6 size each) of what the label will look like. Remember to include the fruit, the name of the flavour and the name of the product.

Choose one of your sketches and draw the label, using Adobe Illustrator.


It took me a long time to come up with different ideas for this one. Some were quite alike because i wanted to find out the best way to place the fruit and text together. I drew many sketches with a focus on the fruit.

But in the end I finally realized that I would rather focus on the name.


To teach me the basics, I’ve seen lots of videos. It is the first time I use abode Illustrator so it took me a long time to arrive at one finished result.

I have tried several of the drawings but eventually chose to finish this. I have focused on making it look inviting, through fresh colors and one summery expression. I want it to be well seen in the store shelves and that the customer should easily be able to recognize the label.

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