LA – The Journey Here

Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is May Linn Nirisrud, I am 32 years old and lives in Kongsberg. Here I live with my partner Stian and our 2 year old daughter Hailey.

I grew up in the country, a small village called Akkerhaugen. Moved to Notodden when I was going to college. Met Stian in 2006 and then moved to Kongsberg.

I am very fond of taking pictures, exercising and spending time with my family.

I have worked in many different professions but never quite found a profession that I would like to stay in. I have worked a long time in various shops, as an employee and as an owner. Been a while in the restaurant and nightlife industry. Worked for a while as a salesman and as a Personal Trainer at Sats.

I have never worked with design before. But I love to be creative and work with photos. I have very little experience with the adobe programs so it’s going to be a very big and fun challenge.

I choose this study to explore my creative sides and because of the desire to learn new things. I have a great wish to be able to work as a designer and hope that this study gives me the opportunity to do so.
Looking forward to learning new things and challenging myself.

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