L A – Put Thought Into Your Design

TASK: This weeks assignment was to design a 5 page website or blog to promote your hometown or any other place you like to share. The design should be presented along with a strategy that explains the decisions you’ve made during the design process. Visit Tromsø: I have chosen to promote Tromsø. This is a […]

L A – Design Different Looks

TASK: Copy the exact content from a homepage of a website of your choice. Now redesign this homepage in three different ways. Each design should evoke a different emotional response from viewers. You can choose what you would like these emotional responses to be. In this assignment I have chosen to use my own wordpress […]

L A – Providing Your Own Hosting Service

This learning activity is to acquire your own hosting service. I have a domain from before. The address is http://www.maylinn.com. My host provider is bluehost.

LA – Create a Wireframe

TASK: In this assignment we will use the 10 questions we posed in the previous LA and answer them. And based on the answers create a wireframe for the website. we can choose if we want it to be a lo-tech or hi-tech architecture. CLIENT: Sushi restaurant A family has decided to open a new […]

LA- Get the basics right

PART ONE: Explain the following terms in your own words:  THE INTERNET: Is a worldwide network of computers that are digitally connected to each other. HTML: Is the language used to create webpages. (Hypertext markup language) BROWSER: Is a software application that lets you visit webpages on the internet. SEARCH ENGINE: is software that searches a […]

L A – Print Preparation

TASK: Question 1  Practical assignment (observation and analysis)      (3 hours) Design your own printing checklist form. Question 2 Research, written and practical assignment (problem solving) (1,5 days) Design a simple dummy for at least 10- at most 20-page magazine style brochure combining dynamic typography and photography. You can use placeholder text for body copy. For […]

LA – Design of Layout in InDesign

Task: sing InDesign, design a 4-page brochure for a fictitious travel agent. The size of the brochure should be A5 (when it is folded). Design the brochure in full colour. Use fake body copy, but create sensible headings. Use titles, headings and images of your choice. Be sure to pay attention to: Choice of type […]

LA – Pace and Contrast

TASK: Compare the design (in terms of pace and contrast) of an online magazine, blog or website to that of a printed magazine, book or journal. What differences can you see between the kinds of design strategies used in the two formats?Write down your findings and upload it to WordPress.  VG In this task I […]

LA – Basic Principles of Layout

TASK: Take a magazine, newspaper or book that includes images and text. Lay tracing paper over the top of three spreads (both left-hand and right-hand pages). Using a pencil and ruler, carefully trace the grid underlying the page layouts. Remember to remove specific text elements or images, and to only draw the grid lines. Note […]

LA – Symmetry/asymmetry

TASK: In this assignment, you will be given the opportunity to also test your idea sketching skills. It is important to start working with basic ideas on paper and develop your concept from there on out. On an A4 landscape page, draw four equal squares. Create 4 more pages in this way. So, you’ll have […]